Hijab Treasures shop offers beautiful gifts for everyone who appreciate work of hands, likes creative stuff and love using exclusive pins and bracelets.

  These Treasures are original and personal.
Don't look for a special occasion or a reason to treat yourself or your loved ones with something unique.


 In picture below are several wonderful gift ideas for hijabis. Handmade large apple pin cushions and pin handbag cushions:

www.hijabtreasures.com Hijab Pins Handbag Cushion Hijab Pins Apple Cushions

I have called these hijab pins cushions - Keep your pins out of reach of children!

To avoid painful experience always keep your pins in a safe place! Be careful and responsible towards others, especially for children. These nice pin cushions look good and you can hang it away from kids. Just use a hook to hang cushion in any place comfortable for you out of reach of children!

Next gift is one of my favorite products Pin Muffin Cushion - Muffin with Pink Flower Sprinkles:


It's handmade and big enough to hold all your pins together in one place.
  Muffin cushion in image holds up to 100 head pins, 6 safety pins and 8 hijab pins.

And still you can find some space.

Silicon muffin case holds it.

Hijab pins muffin approximant size H:7 cm and W: 6.5 cm.

So if you have a chosen your pin cushion , take a look at hijab pins and add it to your gift!
Make it more personal!
All pin cushions have been handmade with love.

Thank you for your time,

    Umm Adam x